Series on Chicago Neighborhoods

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Chicago’s modern city skyline of iconic skyscrapers and tree-lined waterfront evolved from a long history of architectural firsts, forward-thinking city planners, and a concerted effort to merge metropolitan life with the natural beauty of the land. Due to the fire in 1871 that destroyed a third of the city, the legend has it that Mrs. O’Leary’s cow was the one who kicked over a lantern and started a blaze that resulted in this mass destruction, city planners and architects were able to plan out a grid like layout and tremendous amount of lakefront parkland.

Chicago is a truly different city from all the other ones. Why? Because Chicago is made up of over 200 truly distinctive neighborhoods each holds its unique identity that adjust with changing times. It is also the results of these diverse, multicultural neighborhoods that Chicago is considered to be a truly American city, because each neighborhood while influenced by strong cultural ties, also maintained traditional American values.

A map of Chicago neighborhoods (Picture courtesy of

A map of Chicago neighborhoods (Picture courtesy of

Since I live in Chicago for now, I decided to use my time wisely to explore different neighborhoods and create a new series for my blog that will introduce difference community from time to time. Stay tuned if you would like to explore these neighborhoods with me!             Your boy,                                                                                                                                                           -Chuck

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