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Hello friends,

Welcome to Skinny Tie Chuck. This is a blog about my adventures around the globe, from Asia to North America to Europe. Along with my travel journeys, there will also be tips, advice, what to look out for, and personal encounters, so what are you waiting for? Read on!

You must be wondering why is it called “Skinny Tie Chuck”? Well, when I was trying to come up with a name for my blog that would be unique and stand out from others, I recalled that a friend of mine would call me Skinny Tie Chuck because whenever I wear a suit, I always go with a skinny tie. Therefore, that’s how I arrived with this name.

Photo of me and a friend with my signature skinny tie

Photo of me and a friend with my signature skinny tie

About the Author

I am a Taiwanese Canadian college student who currently lives in Chicago, IL. My family was originally from Taiwan, we moved abroad when I was ten. I was fortunate enough to grow up in a middle-class family where my parents like to take us on vacations at least once a year. For that reason, I have been to many countries and places around the world, Taiwan, China, Japan, Korea, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Germany, Switzerland, Canada, and the United States just to name a few.

Family photo at Dream Lake, Hualien, Taiwan

Family trip to Dream Lake, Hualien, Taiwan

What inspired me to start my own blog was my trip to Paris and London at the end of June of 2015. It wasn’t a family trip my parents took me on as before. The remarkable trip made me become more courageous and more responsible because for the first time, I traveled abroad by myself and I paid the trip entirely from money I made at a summer job. Alone in unfamiliar cities I learned a lot, not just travel related knowledge, but also about life, that’s why I want to share it with the world. Stay tuned and cheers to all the adventures that are yet to come!

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